FEBRUARY 22 - APRIL 6, 2023


Throughout the Bible, God calls his people to times of remembrance, celebration, and even lament. In the Old Testament there were rich times of physically remembering God's goodness, grace, and miraculous provision. Passover, for example, is a time to remember how God set his people free from their oppressors. It involves food, prayer, conversation, and more - all for the purpose of allowing our physical bodies, our minds, our hearts, and our souls to engage in remembrance and worship.

Lent falls in line with this ancient tradition of physical remembrance. It is a 40-day period before Easter where we enter into Jesus' journey toward the salvation of humankind as he sacrificed himself on the Cross. It is also patterned after Jesus' 40-day fast at the very beginning of his earthly ministry. During these 40 days we deny our physical bodies something. Why? Scotty Smith, a writer for The Gospel Coalition put it this way in a prayer for lent,

"For the next forty days we have the privilege of surveying your cross, lamenting our sin, and resting in your righteousness.

May we come more fully alive to the depth of our need, and the overwhelming provision of your grace. With no condemnation hanging over us, we ask you to work deep conviction within us. Show us the ways we love poorly, under-believe the Gospel, and over-believe our fears. Keep us from groveling, but not from quieting our hearts, seeing our sin, collapsing on you."

In short, we give up something physical because we deeply need something spiritual. We need to be with Jesus, to be like Jesus, and to do what Jesus did. Lent is a time to be with our Saviour, to be like him as those who rely on our Good Father, and to do what he did by denying ourselves, feasting on His goodness, and giving to others. May this be a time of rich blessing for us as a church, with leads to being a blessing to others! Here's how God himself outlined the richness of fasting in the book of Isaiah:

“Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the straps of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke? Is it not to share your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house; when you see the naked, to cover him, and not to hide yourself from your own flesh? Then shall your light break forth like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up speedily; your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard."

Isaiah 56:6-8
As a church, we are engaging in Lent as an opportunity for God to reframe our situations as we look deeply into the true story of our Saviour.

On Sunday, April 2nd we will be taking up an offering that will go toward blessing people in need in our church and in the city. Part of the offering will be going toward benevolence needs in our church (meeting practical needs) and the rest will go to the provide for homeless families in Tacoma Public School through their McKinney-Vento program. One option for fasting during Lent is to give up something that you might normally spend money on, like (cringe) your Valhalla or Manifesto coffee. Tally up what you'd normally spend and give it instead! Feel free to get creative with this, but you probably shouldn't give up paying your taxes...
We are excited to offer a Bible reading plan for the 40 days of Lent that will walk you through the gospel of Luke. This will allow us to walk with Jesus through his life, death, burial, and resurrection.
On Sunday mornings we will be working through a series called "Laying it Down". In this series we will dig in to what it looks like to lay down our preferences, and even some practices, in order to live in a way that makes much ofJesus and allows his goodness, mercy, and grace to flow into us for the sake of others.

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Join us for a daily Bible reading through the book of Luke. During each day's bite-sized look at a part of the life of Jesus try to place yourself in the story. Picture what it would be like to be on the scene walking with the Savior - seeing the sights, smelling the smells, and feeling the emotions. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you, encourage you, and show you how you fit into the Big Story that he is writing.
Day 1) 2/22: Luke 1:1-39
Day 2) 2/23: Luke 1:40-80
Day 3)  2/24: Luke 2:1-21
Day 4) 2/25: Luke 2:22-52
REST: Sunday, 2/26
Day 5) 2/27: Luke 3:1-38
Day 6) 2/28: Luke 4:1-15
Day 7) 3/1: Luke 4:16-44
Day 8) 3/2: Luke 5:1-39
Day 9) 3/3: Luke 6:1-16
Day 10) 3/4: Luke 6:17-49
REST: Sunday, 3/5
Day 11) 3/6: Luke 7:1-35
Day 12) 3/7: Luke 7:36-50
Day 13) 3/8: Luke 8:1-21
Day 14) 3/9: Luke 8:22-56
Day 15) 3/10: Luke 9:1-27
Day 16) 3/11: Luke 9:28-62
REST: Sunday, 3/12
Day 17) 3/13: Luke 10:1-24
Day 18)  3/14: Luke 10:25-42
Day 19) 3/15: Luke 11:1-26
Day 20) 3/16: Luke 11:27-53
Day 21) 3/17: Luke 12:1-34
Day 22)  3/18: Luke 12:35-59
REST: Sunday, 3/19
Day 23) 3/20: Luke 13:1-35
Day 24) 3/21: Luke 14:1-35
Day 25) 3/22: Luke 15:1-32
Day 26) 3/23: Luke 16:1-31
Day 27) 3/24: Luke 17:1-37
Day 28) 3/25: Luke 18:1-17
REST: Sunday, 3/26
Day 29) 3/27: Luke 18:18-43
Day 30) 3/28: Luke 19:1-27
Day 31) 3/29: Luke 19:28-48
Day 32) 3/30: Luke 20:1-18
Day 33) 3/31: Luke 20:19-47
Day 34) 4/1: Luke 21:1-38
Day 35) 4/3: Luke 22:1-34
Day 36) 4/4: Luke 22:35-71
Day 37) 4/5: Luke 23:1-25
Day 38) 4/6: Luke 23:26-56
Day 39) 4/7: Luke 24:1-35
Day 40) 4/8: Luke 24:36-53