Terry Virgo

Easter & Holy Spirit Night April 2019

In April of 2019 we had the privilege of hosting Terry & Wendy Virgo for the week of Easter. Terry shared with local leaders, led our Holy Spirit Night on being filled with the Holy Spirit and shared the powerful story of Jesus rising from the grave on Easter Sunday. Additionally, we are adding some other teaching from Terry on God's grace (see below). These teachings have been formative for our leadership at NCC and we hope they will be a blessing to you as well.


Grace Teachings from Terry Virgo

These teachings were recorded at Jubilee Church in St. Louis, MO, a sister church that is a part of our Confluence family.


Holy Spirit Night April 2019 with Terry Virgo

Apr 17, 2019
Terry Virgo teaches about being filled with the Holy Spirit. He lays out examples from the Bible, shares some of his own experience, and ends with a simple prayer to be filled with the Spirit.

ALIVE - Easter 2019 with Terry Virgo

Apr 21, 2019
Terry Virgo shares the Easter story. He focuses on the reality of the live of Mary Magdelene and how a relationship with Jesus changed her life.