Special Facilities Offering

We're so excited to be moving into our new home...

We're so excited to be moving into our new home (3102 S 23rd St, Tacoma, WA 98405) on December 2nd! We have a great vision for this new facility—a place where prodigals can come home, where the lonely find family, where the forgotten are known and those who are far from God can encounter the amazing power of the Gospel.

We're asking for $150,000 for this first stage of updates.

This is a big ask, we know, but we believe that we have a generous God, whom when He calls, He provides. We understand that you might not think you have much to give, but we would graciously challenge you to consider evaluating what your money goes to every month. Are there any areas you could cut back on to enable you to participate in this exciting endeavor?

You can give online here at any point or by check on a Sunday.