A new way to engage in community at NCC

What is NCC Online?

Throughout the COVID pandemic the leaders of NCC have been in a posture of learning and listening. We have been learning from other churches, other leaders in our Confluence family, and from many in our local expression of the church. We have also been listening to the Holy Spirit for guidance and encouragement. Our mission is fixed: to establish communities where lives are changed by God. Yet our expressions are more fluid. NCC Online was born out of this time of learning and listening.

NCC Online isn't just "church Netflix" it's a place to build community and engage in relationship with Jesus and with others. It's a place to learn about Jesus and to engage with him and to have our lives changed by him. As we grow as on online community we will have more opportunities to engage in things like Community Groups and other online gatherings. For now you can engage via the links below.


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