On Purpose

Marriage & Singleness with Meaning

Our culture tells us a story about meaning and purpose and how it can or can't be found in marriage and/or singleness. As a church, our desire is to look at God's purposes, plans, and actions in regard to both marriage and singleness. God's plan is starkly different, and much better, than our culture's plan because He made us and promises that He knows what's best for us. In addition to the teachings, please use the following resources as you live into what God has for you.

Yada is a 15-minute assessment for singles that produces a personalized road map to help you understand yourself and how to relate to others in a healthy way. Learn more at yada.com

BetterLove is a tool for married couples to learn each person’s personality and how they work best together. Four fun, interactive dates are created for you to work through and enjoy. Learn more at BetterLove.com

Helpful Books:
7 Myths about Singleness by Sam Allberry - Buy on Amazon
The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller - Buy on Amazon

On Purpose - Week 1: God’s view of Marriage and Singleness

Jan 12, 2020
Bo Noonan teaches New Community Church in Tacoma, WA in part 1 of our marriage and singleness series: On Purpose. He dives into God's view of and purpose for marriage and singleness in big story of the Bible.

On Purpose - Week 2: Growing in Friendship

Jan 19, 2020
Bo Noonan teaches from Song of Solomon 5:16 during our On Purpose series about marriage and singleness. He focuses on the need to be purposeful in friendship both as married couples and singles.

On Purpose - Week 3: Covenant vs Contract

Jan 26, 2020
Bo and Alexis Noonan teach during part 3 of our On Purpose series. They speak about the difference between a covenant relationship versus a contract relationship and the deep security that comes from knowing that someone is committed, not just to you, but to God himself.

On Purpose - Week 4: Happily Ever After

Feb 02, 2020
David and Kelli Pritchard teach during week 4 of our On Purpose series on marriage and singleness. They share some of their story and encourage us to live out the gospel in our marriages.