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Join us here for worship, teaching, and other gatherings. We know that the work of the Holy Spirit will be evident as you worship, pray, and engage with the teaching of God's word!

Below are some additional resources for you to engage with. If you have needs, PLEASE reach out to us or to your Commuity Group leader or contact us via our CONTACT page. We love you all and are in this with you!

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May 31 Gathering

Thanks so much for joining with us!

We so appreciate you being with us! If you are new we'd love to welcome you with a gift (which is what we normally do on Sundays at our building). Head over to the CONTACT PAGE and send us a message with your address. We'll get your gift in the mail this week! Also, we would love to help you find community, even in the midst of the difficulty of the coronavirus pandemic. Our Community Groups are continuing to welcome in new people via Zoom meetings. We know it could be awkward, but if you are feeling adventurous and are looking for community let us know via the CONTACT PAGE and we'll get you connected.
Also, toward the end of the video there is a time to celebrate with communion. Communion is a common church practice that invites us to engage our senses in remembering the sacrifice of Jesus. We come to the most expensive meal ever served with confession, with our worries, and with our worship. All you will need is some grape juice or wine and some crackers or bread. If you don't have these that's totally ok. If you get them at some point soon you can still take communion then. If you don't feel comfortable taking communion that's fine too.
To take communion, pour the grape juice or wine in individual cups and break the bread or crackers into pieces for each person in your household. Toward the end of the video Andy and Alissa Colley will lead us in communion. You can pause the video and gather people then or wait until the conclusion of the video. You can pray prayers of thanksgiving and concern and then remind each one that this is the 'body of Christ broken for them' and this is 'the blood of Christ shed for them.' Eat and drink with the assurance of Jesus' undying love for you! Remember, you are not eating and drinking alone, many people across the globe are eating and drinking in remembrance with you.
Blessings to you all!