Living to Give in a Consumer Culture

Generous is a 4-part series that helps us focus on the big picture of generosity. We live in a culture that is known for consumerism and which tries to pull us in to a life of worshiping the created rather than the Creator. As a church who is apprenticing to Jesus we can make conscious decisions to break free from the slavery of consumerism and life a life full of generosity. 

Generous - Part 1

Nov 10, 2019
Waymond Hampton teaches during part 1 of the Generous series. He shares his family's story of adoption and focuses on how we can be generous because we have a generous Father.

Generous - Part 2

Nov 17, 2019
Bo Noonan teaches in part 2 of our Generous series. He focuses on Acts 11:27-30 and speaks about giving as a way to be released from the slavery of money and possessions.

Generous - Part 3

Nov 24, 2019
Bryan Mowrey teaches during part 3 of our Generous series. He focuses on Jesus' words about money, generosity, and trusting God in Luke 12.

Generous - Part 4

Dec 01, 2019
Bo Noonan teaches during Part 4 of our Generous series. He unpacks the story found in John 12 and Mark 14 where Mary anoints Jesus with perfume as an act of extravagant giving and worship.