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COVID Resources

We will be compiling lists of resources that we hope serve you well during this time. Keep an eye! We'll be updating this page as the days progress.

Physical Resources: Giving and Receiving

What do I do if I want to give toward a need or if I have a need?

As a church, our desire is to give people opportunities to meet needs, as well as to have people's needs met. There are spiritual, physical and emotional needs that will continue to arise and grow throughout this season. Our primary way of meeting and sharing needs is through our Community Groups. If you are a part of a Community Group please contact your group leader for ways to give and to share needs.

Online Giving/Benevolence: we are believing that God will provide for us as a church, which allows us to meet the needs of others. The following link will take to the a page that gives instructions on regular tithes/offerings and our benevolence fund, which goes toward meeting needs in the church and the wider community. ONLINE GIVING

Additional Resources:


Spiritual Resources

Ways to engage with God through this season



Educational Resources

All of a sudden I'm homeschooling... (didn't see that coming). Here are a few resources to help you along the way.