Advent 2019

For many followers of Jesus the Advent season is a time to reflect, rejoice, and revel in the miraculous events surrounding the birth of our Savior. This year we are aligning our NCC Kids curriculum, our Sunday morning teachings, and providing a devotional booklet that you can go through as families, friends, Community Groups, or individuals.

Download our advent booklet and learn more at

Advent 2019 - Part 1: Angels Visits Mary and Joseph

Dec 08, 2019
Bo Noonan teaches part 1 of our 2019 Advent series. During this part of the Christmas story, we hear about angels visiting both Mary and Joseph and the amazing faith that was exercised by them both.

Advent 2019 - Part 2: Jesus was Born

Dec 15, 2019
Andy Cooley teaches during part 2 of our Advent series. He focuses on Luke 2 and how God, through Jesus, declared war on war and brought peace between God and man.

Advent 2019 - Part 3: Jesus is Dedicated

Dec 22, 2019
Bo Noonan teaches New Community Church in Tacoma, WA during part 3 of our Advent Series. He focuses on Luke 2 where Jesus is dedicated and God keeps his promises to Anna and Simeon, two elderly followers of God.

Advent 2019 - Part 4: The Wise Men Visit Jesus

Dec 29, 2019
Alastair Moyer teaches during part 4 of our Advent Series. He focuses on the story of the Wise Men visiting Jesus in Matthew 2.