Week of Prayer

Event Date: Mar 24, 2015

We are calling the church to a week of prayer! We pray because we know that God can do way more than we can ask or imagine! It's not about what we can produce on our own, but what He can produce through empty vessels. We are asking that all would come and pray with us on Friday night, March 27th (TEAM NCC), and that you would try to make it to at least one other prayer gathering. As we approach Easter and the Easter Egg Hunt, we want to call out to God and hear His heart. Here is the schedule::

Tuesday the 24th - 6-7 pm @ the Office (113 N. Tacoma Ave)

Wednesday the 25th - 6-7 pm @ the Office (113 N. Tacoma Ave)

Thursday the 26th - 9:30 am -10:30 am (WOMEN ONLY, @ the Office)

Friday the 27th - 6:30 pm - 8 pm (Team NCC @ Central Lutheran Church 409 N. Tacoma Ave)

Sunday the 29th - 4 - 5 pm @ Wright Park (We will be prayer walking the grounds for the Egg Hunt)

We also encourage you to be praying throughout the week on your own and with a friend or two. Here are the prayer points::

1. Pray for good weather for the Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 4
2. Pray for a peaceful, safe and fun time at the Egg Hunt
3. Pray for the our Easter Sunday gatherings. (God's presence, lot's of guests, many to respond ot the Gospel)
4. Pray for the Alpha Course starting on April 14th (lot's of guests and for those guests to encounter Jesus)
5. Pray that the Holy Spirit would lead us all to at least one person to invite to the Easter gatherings

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