Breaking the Power of the Past

by: Bo Noonan

posted on: Nov 04, 2018

The following post coinsides with a message preached on Sunday, Novemeber 4th. The message was part of our Pillars series. A series designed to help us become more aware of this foundational call to become disciples of Jesus. Part of our disicpleship to Jesus is becoming more aware of our past and the influences of our biological families. Through the redemptive power of Jesus we have been added into His family and we now have access to freedom and hope. Below are some questions to help us discover areas in which our family of origin might still have an unhelpful influence on our lives. (These questions are from Pete Scazzero's THE EMOTIONALLY HEALTH CHURCH)

Take some time to ponder these questions and to invite the Holy Spirit to illiuminate anything that may be hindering your apprenticeship to Jesus. 

1. Describe each family member with two or three adjectives (parents, siblings, caretakers, grandparents, close cousins).

2. Describe your parents' (caretakers') and grandparents' marriages. 

3. How was conflict handled in your family and your extended family? 

4. What were some generational themes (addiciton, affairs, losses, abuse, divorce, deppression, mental illness, abortions, children born out of wedlock)?

5. How well did your family do in talking about feelings?

6. How was sexuality talked or not talked about? What were the implied messages?

7. Were there any family "secrets" (such as a pregnancy out of wedlock, incest, or major financial scandal)?

8. What was considered "success" in your family? 

9. How as money handled? Spiritualiy? Holidays? Relationships with extended family?

10. How did you family's ethnicity shape you? 

11. Were there there any heroes or heroines in the family? Scapegoats? Why? 

12. What kinds of addictions, if any, existed in the family? 

13. Were there traumatic losses in the past or present, such as sudden death, prolonged illnesses, stillbirths/miscarriages, bankruptcy, or divorce? 

Working through these questions, while painful, will help us bring these things before God and also our community. May God bring light, healing, and freedom as you work through these. 

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