FAQ: Uniting Two Churches

by: NCC Elders

posted on: Sep 16, 2018

We are very excited to announce that, as of December 2nd, 2018, New Community Church & Destiny City Church will become one congregation. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we hope will serve you well. We know there will be additional questions, and we welcome them. If you have questions that are not addressed here, or would like to talk in more detail, please let us know.


The NCC Eldership Team



How did this all come about?

Kurt Snyder had faithfully led Destiny City Church for 12 years and through a process of seeking God and working with his eldership team, he felt it was time to step away from the role of Lead Pastor. DCC began the process of finding a new Pastor. Through prayer, they discerned that they should speak first to those they had relationship with. Bo Noonan and Kurt Snyder had developed a friendship over the years and when Bo heard Kurt stepped down they met for coffee. Kurt indicated that they were looking for a pastor but as the conversation continued the question of joining the churches together came up. After a lot of prayer and discussion between the NCC Eldership Team, conversations with other church leaders who had joined churches together, then the NCC Eldership Team with the DCC Eldership Team, we all believed this is what God is doing. 

Who is New Community Church? 

In the Summer of 2006, eight adults and 4 kids moved to Tacoma, WA to begin the journey of planting New Community Church. That team was sent by a Newfrontiers apostolic team. Our passion was to establish a church FOR the city, not just IN the city. 

We are a church of Community Groups. Community Groups gather all over the city to become disciples of Jesus and to make disciples of Jesus. They gather around friendship, the word of God, prayer, and mission. 

We are a church passionate about seeing people rooted in their primary identity as sons and daughters of God. Then stepping into the life of Jesus we see ourselves as servants and sent. Finally, we are passionate about being a church where God can be found! 

Who is Destiny City Church? 

Destiny City Church actually has a 100 year legacy of preaching the Gospel in Pierce County. In 2006 they moved from Spanaway to Tacoma and changed their name from Clover Creek to Destiny City. Kurt Snyder took over the leadership of the church in 2006 and they have proven to be a very generous church, a church that is passionate about Jesus and passionate about making disciples. 

How does this merger fit into the vision of NCC? 

Our vision is to establish communities where lives are changed by God. We believe that by adding the people and gifting of Destiny City Church we can more and more saturate this city and Pierce County with the Gospel. 

How has God spoken prophetically into this situation?

About 10 years ago Bo Noonan felt that God had spoken to him about Kurt Snyder having keys to a facility for NCC. This led to NCC meeting at Central Lutheran for a couple of years. That word may just have more life to it. 

The NCC eldership team has felt a stirring in recent months to ‘take another hill’. We felt that meant expansion and being open to God going before us to establish His kingdom. 

One of the leaders at DCC had a prophetic word about a ‘confluence’ about three years ago. This was before our tribe within Newfrontiers was called confluence, but this leader held onto this word waiting for clarity from the Holy Spirit. 

We can't minimize the friendship that NCC and DCC have shared over the years and how generous DCC has been to NCC. For many years we have served in the same city with a passion for the same thing, God’s Glory!

What are the unique similarities between NCC and DCC?

Both churches have a strong desire to glorify God and to see His kingdom come. Both churches value the preaching of the word, vibrant worship that leads us to the presence of God, and both churches take seriously Jesus’ commission for us to make disciples. 

Theologically we are very similar. We are both Word and Spirit churches with an emphasis on spiritual formation. 

We do have some ministry philosophy differences; however, they are not in opposition to each other. They both have the main goal of making disciples who make disciples. 

What are the benefits of this merger? 

This is a kingdom win! In a city where the church doesn’t always seem to be thriving, we have an opportunity to join together in strength and mission. 

This merger also ensures that the facility and all the money and resources put into the facility continue to be used for kingdom expansion. 

We also believe that unity in the Body of Christ brings much glory to God and speaks volumes to the community around us. After all, they will know us by our love! (John 13:35)

What will our church be called? 

New Community Church. The name speaks of what God is doing on the earth; taking the lonely and setting them into family, creating a new family on the earth, removing the dividing wall of hostility, and displaying his multi-colored wisdom. 

We know that dropping the name Destiny City Church is hard, but please know that all that that name represented and stood for will be caught up in the new name. 

Who will lead our church? 

The elders of New Community Church will now become the governing body of the joined churches. Wes Swarthout, Waymond Hampton, Caleb Fields, and Andy Cooley make up this team with Bo Noonan being first among equals. 

The eldership team of Destiny City Church will now become an advisory team for a season to ensure that the transition goes well and no one is left behind. 

What will happen to our current Eldership Teams and Staff? 

As previously stated, the Destiny City eldership team will become an important advisory team. 

We will continue to pay Kurt Snyder as he seeks God’s will for his and Irene’s future. 

The other staff members of DCC will continue to be paid as we seek God’s will and future for them and us. 

Which family of churches will we belong to? 

We will belong to Confluence which is a part of Newfrontiers. This is the family of churches that NCC has been a part of from the start. 

Confluence is a family of churches together on mission. We work to strengthen existing churches, plant healthy churches, train and equip leaders, and partner with our global family. This happens as we share relationships, mission, core values, and leadership.

For more information check out confluencechurches.org.

What is the financial status of both churches?

New Community Church is in good financial standing. We are not carrying any debt. Destiny City Church is also in good financial standing and only carries the mortgage on the property. That mortgage will be put in New Community Church’s name. All finances will be combined as Destiny City Church joins in. 

Will I be able to serve in the role(s) I currently serve in? 

Our goal is to have a church that releases every man and woman into the gifting that God has given them. We will do our best to add people onto serving teams as soon as possible. Our hope is to be very clear on how people join a team and what the expectations of each team is. 

What will a Sunday look like for our church? 

As we gather on Sundays you can expect a time of worship, greeting, and announcements, preaching from God’s Word, a response song, and a time to respond through prayer and communion. 

We are passionate about training and discipling the next generation. NCC Kids will welcome nursery and toddlers before the meeting starts. Children between the ages of 4 years old and 5th grade stay into worship, then are released to go to their classes before the teaching. 

Middle schoolers and high schoolers are encouraged to stay in and worship and receive from the teaching and to occasionally serve in other areas including NCC Kids. 

What will happen with my Community Group? 

Your Community Group will continue to function as it always has. Our Community Groups are always open, so please consider inviting new people to join you. 

We will be hosting a Turbo Group (Community Group leaders training course) in October to train and release new leaders. Please consider signing up! 

What about NCC Kids? and NCC Youth?

NCC Kids will no longer meet in tents! They will continue to use The Gospel Project as the curriculum. 

There is a possibility of having about 100-115 kids each Sunday! Please pray that NCC Kids continues to be the discipleship tool that it has been. Please also consider serving in one of the age groups. 

NCC Youth will welcome in some new friends and meet on Sunday nights at the Destiny City facility. 

What is the procedure and timeline of this merger? 

Both the DCC eldership team and the NCC eldership team have been meeting together to discuss the possibility of this merger since early July. The process has been shaped by Better Together, Making Church Mergers Work, a book by Jim Tomberlin and Warren Bird. This book came heavily recommended by four other church leaders who have lead their churches into merges. 

The book talks about 5 different stages of a merger:

  1. Exploration – is this possible? 
  2. Negotiation – is this feasible? 
  3. Implementation – a public announcement 
  4. Consolidation – bringing the two congregations together
  5. Integration – we learn to work and live together for the greater cause


Friday, September 14 – NCC Family Meeting

Sunday, September 16 – DCC Family Meeting

Sunday, September 23 – DCC has their last gathering as DCC

Sunday, September 30 – Both NCC and DCC will join together at Stadium High 9 and 10:30 AM

Sunday, December 2 – We launch as one family at the new NCC facility! 

What should I do now? 

  1. Celebrate the wonderful opportunity God has presented to us! 
  2. Pray for the leadership as they work out all the details of joining these congregations together.
  3. Continue to be faithful to your current church.

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