Offering Recap - Eden Genet Church

Offering Recap - Eden Genet Church

by: Waymond Hampton

posted on: Apr 19, 2018

Ever since my wife and I were in college (way back in the mid-90s) God has been stirring our hearts for what he is doing in North Africa. In 2010 we began to see some of the outworkings of that stirring when we first went to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to meet our two adopted sons. It was our first trip there and we were excited for so many reasons. Not only would we be meeting our sons, but we would also be meeting up with our friends Owen and Char Baldwin who had moved from Whidbey Island to live with their adopted Ethiopian son Serawit, his wife Azeb, and their daughter Dodi. Owen and Char had moved to help train and equip Ethiopian leaders in a fledgling Newfrontiers church called Eden Genet, and during that visit God began to kindle a friendship between our family, the Baldwins and many at Eden Genet. This friendship has blossomed into a growing relationship between New Community Church and Eden Genet. The relationship has been mutually beneficial as we have learned much from the amazing hospitality, joyful perseverance and fervent prayer that our brothers and sisters display.

Last month we at NCC had the opportunity to be a blessing in return as we gave an abundance of financial blessing to our brothers and sisters in Addis to further the building of their new gathering place and training facility. As an elder here at NCC, I was so proud of how generously our church gave, and I am excited to see how God multiplies that generosity as our brothers and sisters bless the city of Addis Ababa. Owen and Char (who moved back to Whidbey a few years ago) had traveled back to Addis and were at Eden Genet the Sunday our gift was announced. They had this report:

"The 'icing on the cake' (of our visit) was to be present in the Sunday service when the arrival of your incredibly generous gift was announced. The response (from the congretation) was cheers and applause and praises of God ringing in our ears."

Our dear friends Nebiyou, Belay and Natan, who lead Eden Genet, have asked us to give you their sincere thanks for your generosity, prayers and heart for them and for God.

I am so thankful for the stirring in that God did in our hearts back in college. What is God stirring in you? It may lead to the blessing of many in years to come!


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