How Celebrate Recovery has helped me and why it can help you too

How Celebrate Recovery has helped me and why it can help you too

by: Anonymous

posted on: Apr 27, 2017

This is an anonymous blog post, but I’ll never again opt for secrecy when it comes to my sinful and addictive tendencies. That’s because I attend Celebrate Recovery.

Like this post, Celebrate Recovery is anonymous — but not secretive. It offers a safe place for bringing tricky sin habits “into the light” (1 Jn. 1:7) where God and other people can help. With the Internet available on…well…everything, viewing porn is easy to keep a secret, which only adds to its addictiveness. The secrecy of this habit…

  • Convinced me that my porn problem only affected me (it didn’t).

  • Increased feelings of guilt and shame associated with acting out.

  • Led to porn becoming my go-to way of dealing with negative emotions.

  • Slowly killed intimacy in my marriage as secrets piled up.

  • Led to feeling “split” between my public self and private guilt-ridden self.

  • Sapped my potential for confident spiritual leadership.

CR has given me permission to take a deep look at my story, to understand why and where I hurt, and how I’ve used porn to numb the pain. It has given me tools and relationships to help me fight my temptation and, increasingly, have victory over it. It’s helped me learn to talk about emotionally intense situations in my life rather than run away from them into porn.

One of my favorite authors, Donald Miller, talks about how reality is like a fine wine; it’s not for children. It’s been over a year since I’ve looked at porn. I owe this to the fact that I’m learning to savor reality, thanks to Jesus and my band of brothers at CR.

Jesus promises us full and abundant lives (Jn. 10:10). If you long to access the reality of this promise to a greater degree, I invite you to step out of the shadows of a fantasy world into the light where Jesus can make reality sweeter and more satisfying than you thought possible.

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