Book Review: Women of the Word

Book Review: Women of the Word

by: Alexis Noonan

posted on: Mar 01, 2017

When I was asked to summarize five Christian books I’ve read in the past year and would recommend, I felt hesitant.

I’m not an avid reader. Actually, I don’t usually enjoy reading even though I often have two or three books going at once. This is not because I’m studious or even able to keep them straight, but rather because I have taken seriously the scripture from 2 Timothy where Paul reminds and encourages Timothy to “fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.”

Simply stated, I recognize my NEED to stay close to Jesus. The current in society is SO strong and SO pervasive that I simply must stir myself, and fan into flame what the Lord has put in me. Either that, or else likely succumb to what the world around me is promoting from one week to the next.

I know that my relationship with Jesus cannot be some hijacked version of my pastor’s faith or weaved together from podcasts, Pinterest quotes and conversations. I want the real thing. Authentic relationship with Jesus. The kind that pours over onto others in the form of truth and encouragement.

Enter Jen Wilkin and her extraordinary book, “Women of the Word.” It’s a book that gives practical and useful tools for studying the bible using the five P’s; study with PURPOSE, PERSPECTIVE, PATIENCE, PROCESS, & PRAYER.

Wilkin thoroughly walks you through how to start using each P, but the book is more than just instructional. She highlights the necessity for women to be biblically literate and that it takes effort on our part. This endeavor is not solely to gain knowledge, however, but to find greater pleasure in God, by knowing him better. She famously says, “the heart cannot love what the mind does not know.”

Wilkins endeavors to help us become better disciples of Jesus by studying the word given to us, knowing that “we become what we behold.” And that is exactly what I am after; to behold Jesus in all of his beauty, glory and majesty and become a little more like him.

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