An August Of Psalms

An August Of Psalms

by: Bo Noonan

posted on: Jul 22, 2016

On occasion Alexis and I have offered the advice of scheduling in date nights and even 'romantic times' when counseling couples. They all say, "That doesn't sound ROMANTIC!" That might be true, but what's less romantic is never dating and never having 'romantic times'. So, until it becomes more natural and regular, we think you should put it on the calendar. 

This is true of our relationship with Jesus. It might come naturally for some of you, but for many of us, it's not natural at all! Even with our best intentions, Facebook and CNN win out. 

So, this August we are calling the church to form a NEW HABIT! We are going to read all 150 Psalms by reading a few each day in August. Now, I don't want you to read all 5 Psalms for that day first thing in the morning. I want you to schedule (on your phone or computer) a reading every few hours during the day. So maybe you read the first one at 8 am, another during a break at 10 am, one at lunch, one after work, and one before you go to sleep. 

This creates the habit of spending time with Jesus throughout the day, not just once during the day. This will help us abide in Him. I would also encourage you to jot down anything the Holy Spirit is speaking to you while you read each Psalm. Learn to hear His voice, learn to love what He loves, learn to relate to the Father in the same way Jesus related to the Father. 

Here is the schedule for August. I'm praying that each one of you will form this LIFE GIVING HABIT!

Day 1: Psalms 1-5
Day 2: Psalms 6-10
Day 3: Psalms 11-16
Day 4: Psalms 17-20
Day 5: Psalms 21-25
Day 6: Psalms 26-30
Day 7: Psalms 31-35
Day 8: Psalms 36-41
Day 9: Psalms 42-46
Day 10: Psalms 47-51
Day 11: Psalms 52-56
Day 12: Psalms 57-61
Day 13: Psalms 62-67
Day 14: Psalms 68-72
Day 15: Psalms 73-77
Day 16: Psalms 78-82
Day 17: Psalms 83-87
Day 18: Psalms 88-92
Day 19: Psalms 93-97
Day 20: Psalms 98-102
Day 21: Psalms 103-107
Day 22: Psalms 108-112
Day 23: Psalms 113-117
Day 24: Psalms 118-119
Day 25: Psalms 120-125
Day 26: Psalms 126-130
Day 27: Psalms 131-136
Day 28: Psalms 137-140
Day 29: Psalms 141-144
Day 30: Psalms 145-147
Day 31: Psalms 148-150

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