An Update on Two Gatherings

by: Bo Noonan

posted on: Mar 19, 2014

A few months back the eldership team, which I'm a part of, started a conversation about the Easter season. As you know, our numbers tend to be up by 25%-35% on Easter Sunday. As we began to dream about the Easter season we realized we are going to be pressed for space. The auditorium is not necessarily the issue, the space issues have more to do with the kids rooms and the lobby, to an extent. So, in attempt to be ready for any growth that God wants to give us, we planned on going to TWO GATHERINGS.

We will launch into two gatherings starting on April 6th. Start times will be 9 am and 10:30 am. We are super pumped about this move!

But we can't expect to reach people far from Jesus just because we started a second gathering. But what we must believe is that Jesus is a good shepherd who is leading us into green pastures and still waters... and he is! Here's how!

Shortly after making the commitment to going to two gatherings we called about an office space in a prime spot at 113 North Tacoma Avenue, right next to Stadium High School. To our surprise, they were excited to have us and we were able to afford it! This spot will give us an awning with our church name on it as well as signage on our door with more info about us. We have always been a church hidden away, that ends on April 1st!

Also, we are already receiving phone calls and emails about our Easter Egg Hunt at Wright Park! This Egg Hunt has a reputation of it's own and it's growing like crazy! We will move from 16,000 eggs to 20,000 eggs to insure that all the kids get plenty. There is a chance that we could touch the lives of 3,000 plus Tacomans on Saturday, April 19th. Please sign up to serve the city at this amazing event by emailing us at Oh, and please pray for good weather!

I can't express to you all how much I love this church! Jesus truly is building something beautiful and powerful. It's an absolute privilege to lock arms with you all! Please lean into all that we are doing. I know some of this is a little scary, but rest assured that Jesus is in the boat with us!

With Love,


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