TWO Sunday Gatherings

by: Bo Noonan

posted on: Feb 07, 2014

As announced at our previous Team NCC, we will be going from one Sunday gathering to two Sunday gatherings. We have made some CHANGES to the start times though.

Starting Sunday, April 6th we will have a 9:00 am gathering and a 10:30 am gathering. This only gives us 15 minutes between the two meetings. Here's why we made this change.

1. We want one of the gatherings to have a 'sweet spot' start time. 10:30 am has been tabbed the most ideal start time for churches across the country. Who knew? We had previously announced an 11:00 am start time... which would get people out after 12:00 pm. This was not recommended by those we consulted with.

2. The 15 minutes between gatherings is better than 30 minutes between gatherings for our size. Here's why: At our current size one concern we have is that the auditorium feels too open and spacious. One suggestion to solve this was to push the two meetings closer together and to let the lobby fill up with people in between meetings. This could very well change as the numbers become too overwhelming for the lobby size.

The eldership team has decided to work this plan through May 18th. If there is enough momentum to keep it going through the Summer we would love to keep it going. However, if we don't have that momentum, we will go back to one gathering WITH THE UNDERSTANDING THAT WE WILL DEFINITELY GO BACK TO TWO GATHERINGS IN SEPTEMBER. We are pushing out into the deep end believing that as we make space for new people and we continue on the path of making disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus we will reap a great harvest.

Please know that our heart remains captivated with a vision to see lives supernaturally changed by God! He has met us every step of the way and we now feel like He's calling us to take a BIG risk... but as you know, 'HIGH RISK, HIGH REWARD!'

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