Mobilise 2014, why go?


posted on: Nov 06, 2013

You might be asking why should I go to Mobilise, a New Frontiers USA conference for 18 - 20 somethings, in 2014?

Here's what our 20 somethings have to say...

"I was speaking to someone recently about a major life decision. He is considering moving his family across the country and I asked him, 'How will you listen to God if/when he speaks to you about this?'  It’s a question that I have thought a lot about in my life. I want to follow God.  I want his presence to be my guide. I also want excitement, I want to take advantage of the relative flexibility I have with my family and job situations. The question is how will I hear God speak to me about where my next step should be?" 

"God is the same at a conference as he is when I am cleaning my apartment or doing the dishes. One thing that has been clear in my past is that I listen much better when I’m surrounded by people worshipping Jesus and pressing into Him with the same questions and longing for His presence that I have. It’s because of this that I set aside one weekend every year to travel to St. Louis for Mobilise.  Not because God speaks louder or more clearly in St. Louis, but because I listen better. I’m standing side by side with young men and women who have made the same declaration that I have. That is to say “yes” to the call of God on our lives. I may never lead a church plant or see anyone raised from the dead. But at the end of the day, God didn’t ask me for my talent or my hard work. He asked me for my heart. For my life."

"I’ve said yes to God, so I continue to press into him. That’s why I go to Mobilise. When I’m asked how I listen to God, a part of the answer is that I give up a weekend in January to freeze my butt off in St. Louis to hear what He might say."  

- Nick Alden, NCC Member

Mobilise 2014, St Louis, MO, January 10-12th at the Doubletree

Early Bird Prices start at $79 and are good when you sign up before Nov. 15th.  Plus, if you sign up by the early bird date NCC will chip in $100 to help cover your costs.  Register online here.

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