And Is Better Than Or

And Is Better Than Or

by: Bo Noonan

posted on: Oct 08, 2013

Recently, both Coca-Cola and Ford have run ad campaigns declaring that 'and' is better than 'or'. The point being that their product is not limited to just good taste or low gas mileage, it's low in calories and good on technology too. These ads provoked me to think about how Christianity is full of 'ands'. This Sunday, October 13th we'll start a new series called And Is Better Than Or.

We'll tackle subjects like:

Word AND Spirit

Grace AND Truth

Community AND Mission

Big AND Small

As we grow we want to embrace these tensions in hopes of becoming the healthy church Jesus wants us to be. Too often churches are 'or' churches (i.e. Word OR Spirit, Grace OR Truth, Community OR Mission, Big OR Small), but according to the scriptures it doesn't have to be this way.

Let's press in together to all that God has for us. Please prayerfully consider who you can invite to this new series.

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