Here Comes The Fall

by: Wes Swarthout

posted on: Sep 06, 2013

Hello NCC!

It’s amazing to think that summer is now over and that fall is quickly setting in. I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed these last couple of months. Now that things are changing, kids are back in school, grass is looking greener, and cooler temperatures are heading our way. I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin spice lattes but I know a lot of you are. So, I’m happy for you!

Fall is an exciting time for NCC because it marks the beginning of a new year and a chance for us to look forward to all that God has for us. I am very excited about the new preaching series called Finding God’s Will starting on September 15th. We are also very excited about the new NCC Kids curriculum (and format) called The Gospel Project. Last, but not least, the fall marks the Kickoff of our Community Groups.

NCC is a church living a gospel-centered life together in communities. We truly believe that the best way to reach our city for Jesus is through our Groups. On the week of September 15th, we will be kicking off 13 Community Groups meeting throughout the city on different nights.

Community Group is a place where disciples are being made, community is being built, communities are being transformed, and leaders are being trained. Our groups center around Bible Storying which exposes people to God’s Big Story of Salvation and Redemption, Life and Ministry of Jesus, and some of the stories from the Book of Acts that speak of spreading the gospel through church planting. As we focus on these stories we can learn so much about who God is, how Jesus discipled others, and what this all means for us. Bible Storying also helps us find ourselves in God’s Story and how we ourselves can be changed by the power of this Great Story.

At NCC, we’ve made a commitment to be a church of Community Groups rather than a church with them. As an Eldership Team we have a vision of every person being plugged in and an active part of a Community Group.

If you are not part of a group yet, please fill out your connect card on Sunday and check the Community Group box. You can also send me an email at We will follow up with you to give you more information about our groups and help you find one that will be a good fit.

Don’t hesitate to sign up for a group and play your role in seeing lives supernaturally changed by God!

Together for the Gospel,

Wes Swarthout

NCC Eldership Team

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