The Path

The Path

by: Bo Noonan

posted on: Feb 01, 2012

On Sunday, February 12th we are starting a new series called The Path. It will last for eight weeks, which, believe it or not, will take us to Easter!

The intention of this series is to, by God’s grace, open our eyes to see the Christian life as a journey. Don’t get me wrong, salvation is immediate and complete the moment we trust Jesus. He raises us from death to life and marks us as his own. That is not a process, but growing in Christian maturity is a process. We often talk about the doctrine of justification at NCC because we need to know that it’s the unmerited gift of God that saves us. It’s not about us keeping the rules and impressing the Father, that’s been done for us by Jesus. This series will cover the, “What now?” question. Truth be told, it’s that same grace, combined with submission and discipline on our part, that transforms us and matures us.

I can’t wait to see how God uses this series to mature us as a church. Please consider who you can be inviting to these gatherings.

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