Christmas Party Auction

by: Courtney Danielson

posted on: Oct 17, 2012

As many of you know, each year we host a Christmas party fundraiser for McCarver Elementary, one of the lowest income schools in the state. This year we are adding a new facet to the fundraiser: a live and silent auction. There are ways you can participate in this auction and share in our heart for Tacoma. First, you can make a donation for the auction. We have divided donations into two categories: products and services. Think of what your skills and giftings are, and how you can turn them into a donation. We encourage thinking outside of the box. Some ideas might include babysitting, cooking a fancy meal for a couple, guitar lessons, computer repair, woodworking, or even 5 dozen cookies. We also want to encourage any business owners to think of donations they can make. This could be a great way to invest in the community while promoting your business. Second, you can help by donating your time and energy towards putting the auction together. If you are interested, please contact Courtney Danielson via email:

Packets with more information, including the form you will need to include with your donation, as well as ideas, will be available on Sunday mornings. We are very exciting about this new undertaking and believe it will bring a significant increase in funds for the students at McCarver.(Don't forget to save your pennies so you can bid on the items yourselves!)

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