What Does Misplaced Worship Look Like?

by: Aaron Scott

posted on: Aug 23, 2012

In the last post we established that worship is more than just an event, more than a service, more than a religious obligation and an act of devotion. Worship is actually far less complicated than all of that. Worship, quite simply is everything you do. All of life is worship. Having the knowledge that with everything we do we are worshiping, we must now ask ourselves a couple questions, "what are we worshiping?" and "what happens when our worship is misplaced?"

The objects of our worship can take many different forms, and often times they may appear harmless on the surface. They can be things like, our jobs, our money, our stuff, our families, and even our church. All good things, right? Sure, in and of themselves these things are not sinful. It's when we take these good things, that God has blessed us with, and place them in a position higher than Him that they become sin. This is the great danger of modern culture and society; that we would be fooled into believing the lie that God is not enough for us. This is especially true in America where we have this never ending stream of information explaining to us, in great detail and bright colors, what we need to be happy. This is all aimed at the built in human desire for fulfillment and acceptance, and if we're not careful we can be easily drawn in by the promises they flaunt and led into a life of sinful choices. To understand this better, it would be good to define "sin" a little more. We won't follow this too far as it would take up far more space than we have room for. I will however say this; sin is not primarily a behavior problem... sin is a worship problem. This is someting that at New Community Church we have come to refer to as a "worship disorder". Basically this is saying that sin begins in the heart, not in our actions. It's out of the overflow of our heart that our actions speak. It begins when we allow anything other than God to take the spotlight. When this happens we begin to put our hope in the things of life rather than in God, in things created rather than in the Creator of all things. When we begin worshiping created things in place of God, we begin to reflect their character instead of God's character. Worshiping these false idols will create in us feelings of disappointment, dispare, and a loss of hope. We become frustrated that what we are worshiping is not fulfilling our deepest desires and can start down a road of bitterness and reluctance to change. Our hearts can be hardened against God and His grace.

Don't worry though, there's good news! God is more than enough for you and is able to fulfill your every need! He has given us a way out of this lifestyle of idol worship, and it doesn't lie in some new technique or method, or in anything that we can accomplish through our own strength. It lies in the person of Jesus Christ. He alone is the answer. We worship our way into sin, therefore the only way out is to turn away from it and start worshiping Jesus, our Creator and our Savior. We'll take a closer look at this in the next post as we ask the question, "What does Biblical worship look like?"


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