Marriage Boot Camp

by: Bo Noonan

posted on: Aug 09, 2012

We are good at making plans to develop in our careers, in the gym, our fantasy football teams, and even our gardens, but what about our marriages/future marriages? When we get out of shape, we get back in the gym. When our kids get sick, we take them to a doctor. What happens when your marriage is suffering or even falling apart? Starting on October 7th we are taking your marriage/future marriage to Boot Camp!

NCC’s Marriage Boot Camp will be more than a series of messages preached on the four Sundays of October. We will be distributing workbooks for couples to take home and work through challenges, dialogue about strengths and weaknesses, and even some tips on continuing to date your spouse.

This is a great opportunity to bring along your friends who you think could benefit from the Marriage Boot Camp. All are welcome and the workbooks will be free. God loves marriage and your marriage is worth working on!

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