Another Adventure for the Poes!

by: Sam Poe

posted on: Jul 17, 2012

In December of last year I was asked by John Lanferman and the apostolic team he leads (and I am a part of) to strongly consider making a move to New Hampshire to join with Ian Ashby and other leaders in helping develop a team that would serve the churches in the Northeast. Out of those churches there have been some who have already been sent and others who are preparing go into other nations for the purpose of cross-cultural church planting. It is our desire to participate with them through training in living cross-culturally as well as Chronological Bible Storying as a strategy for evangelism, making disciples and planting churches in other nations.

Marlene and I certainly took this request to heart and spent considerable time praying about this. As we prayed we found God continuing to give us confirmations that this move is something He has initiated. We do believe this is a strategic move for this next chapter of our lives.

We must say that there is a sort of bittersweet component to this move. During our time here in Tacoma we have found a rekindling of our affection for this part of the world. Both Marlene and I spent our younger years in Washington State and began our married life here. More importantly, we have found that our hearts are very connected here and we genuinely love New Community Church. It has been a great privilege to have been allowed to participate in this church since it’s beginning. If at some point in the future our Lord should direct us to return here we would do it with joy. Much love to you all. We appreciate your prayers.

With Love,


Sam and Marlene Poe

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