Some Things to Celebrate!

by: Bo Noonan

posted on: Apr 24, 2012

It's good to discipline ourselves to celebrate what God is doing. Huh, discipline ourselves to celebrate? Yup. Most Christians I know are good at mourning with each other when things aren't going well, but not always the best at celebrating when things are going great. So I thought I would help by giving you some fuel for the fire!

1. We are branching two Community Groups this week! This means that two of our groups grew to a point where it was beneficial for the one group to become two. This provides more room for new people in those groups, more room for other people to take on more leadership, and more resources to be a blessing to that neighborhood! Our desire is for each group to eventually branch, after all, living things grow, and these groups are alive!

2. We have had a significant uptick in Sunday attendance! The last two Sundays have been our largest attended gatherings outside of Easter and Christmas Eve. This includes a jump in numbers in NCC Kids! I hope you are all taking the opportunity to meet some of the new people and finding ways to connect them to Jesus and His church.

3. Sam and Marlene Poe have returned from Zimbabwe with reports of churches being strengthened, salvations and healings! As a church we are not only called to bless Tacoma, but to also the nations. That is happening!

Please take a moment or two to celebrate all that God is doing in our church family!

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