Return From Zimbabwe

by: Sam Poe

posted on: Apr 15, 2012

Hello everyone at New Community Church,

It is good to be back home once again after a full and fruitful month in Zimbabwe. The day after we arrived there (March 9) we began a Training Camp For Chronological Bible Storying in the city of Harare. There were around 50 people present for two days, including the Life Change Team from the USA. There was a strong focus on developing good storytelling skills that touched a real need among those in attendance.

After we finished the training camp we immediately traveled five hours to Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe, for a time with our friends, Stephen and Molly and the Crossroads Church in Kezi. It was great to have the Life Change Team with us for this visit. Rural Kezi is a very cross-cultural experience!

After the LC team left we spent time with our CBS team making plans for further development of our strategy for disciple-making using CBS.

It was a special joy to be with Taps and Flora Chizana who lead Thembalezizwe Church in Umguza. We were privileged to be with them for their 5th anniversary, which was also their first meeting in a new building they built. There were about 250 people present for the celebration. The church started out using Biblical Storytelling as a new church plant. They are now a church of two congregations and the 3 elders leading it are all passionate for CBS.

After this we returned to Harare where we spent the remainder of our time collaborating particularly with Alan Norton. Alan is playing a very important roll in the on-going development of CBS. He heads up much of the New Frontiers church planting, especially in the rural areas of Zimbabwe. He has become deeply committed to the CBS strategy. He served us amazingly well in helping plan strategic times with church leaders for further training in CBS and coaching storytellers from that region. While in Harare we had opportunity to speak in various churches there.

Marlene and I want to thank you as a church for sending us and standing with us in prayer during this last month while we were away. We so much appreciate your faithfulness as a church family.

With Love,

Sam Poe

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