by: Bo Noonan

posted on: Apr 11, 2012

On Sunday, April 22nd we'll embark on a new series called It! - Tacoma Loves It, God Created it, Let's Talk About It. This is a series about sex and sexuality. The reality is we live in a culture saturated in sex. For us to ignore this would be like burying our heads in the sand. The Bible has a ton of GOOD things to say about sex and we want to lead people to the wells of living water, so they don't drink from filthy toilets of perversion and pornography.

I know this is a sensitive subject for some and an embarrasing topic for others. With the help of the Holy Spirit I will speak clearly, but not crassly. I would rate these messages PG-13 and would adivse parents to use descretion and discernment on whether or not your children should stay in for these messages.

This a a great opportunity to invite your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. I truly believe Jesus will use this series to heal people, strengthen marriages, and redeem those enslaved. Please pray!


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